Real™ Auto Roulette Quick Info

Futuristic design

Modern interface using cutting edge graphics.

Packed with features

Racetrack, Special bets, Stats and AutoPlay.

True-to-life feel

Hyper-realistic 3D roulette wheel.

Universally adaptive

Available on any mobile or desktop device.

Superior gaming experience

Full-screen video in portrait mode.

Real™ Auto Roulette Game Guide

Real Dealer Studios' 2022 release, Real™ Auto Roulette, offers a futuristic roulette experience. Set against a minimalist backdrop, it features high-quality graphics and captivating audio, offering an immersive experience that strikes a balance between tradition and modernity in online gaming. Find an impressive selection of casino table games at Jackpot City

Real™ Auto Roulette Game Rules

Following standard European Roulette rules, Real™ Auto Roulette online players will find this title easy to understand – whether experienced or new to the table game. Moreover, with flexible betting options, it would appeal to a variety of player budgets too. It’s important that all auto roulette players have an understanding of the basic rules below:

  • Wheel and Numbers: The European roulette wheel features 37 numbered pockets, including a single zero (0) and numbers 1 to 36.
  • Betting Options: A wide range of betting options are available to players, ranging from inside bets on specific numbers or outside bets on specific groups like red/black, odd/even, and high/low numbers.
  • House Edge: The presence of a single zero gives the house a slight edge, making the European version more favourable to players than the American roulette with its additional double zero.
  • Sequence of Play: After placing bets, the wheel spins in one direction and the ball in the other. The winning number is determined by where the ball comes to rest on the wheel.
  • Payouts: Payouts vary based on the type of bet, with inside bets generally offering higher payouts than outside bets due to their lower odds of winning.

Let’s review the type of bets and payout potential of Real™ Auto Roulette in the paytable below:  

Inside Bets

  • Straight Up Bets: 35:1
  • Split Bets: 17:1
  • Trio Bets: 17:1
  • Street Bets: 11:1
  • Square Bets: 8:1
  • Line Bets: 5:1

Outside Bets

  • Column Bets: 2:1
  • Dozen Bets: 2:1
  • Even-money Bets: 1:1

Racetrack Bets

  • The following French bets, Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre & Les Voisins Du Zero, are available.

Special Bets

  • Players can select any of the 10 preset bet configurations, including Red/Black Splits, Random 7, 007, Orphelins Plein, Zero Game, Snake and the Racetrack Bet options.

Let’s also take a look at the statistics of Real™ Auto Roulette online:

  • Bet Sizes: These range from a minimum of 0.25 credits up toa 1000 credits.
  • Payouts: Winnings of up to 64,500 credits are possible.
  • RTP: The Return to Player ratio varies between 96,5% and 97,5%.
  • Volatility: Real™ Auto Roulette is considered a medium volatility game.
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How To Play Real™ Auto Roulette

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the auto roulette classic layout and rules, you’re ready to start playing. Here’s how to get in on the action:

  • Step 1: Log into your Jackpot City account. If you don’t have one yet, simply sign up to create one.
  • Step 2: Select the Tables tab and then click or tap on Roulette. Alternatively, type Real™ Auto Roulette into the search bar.
  • Step 3: Click/tap on the PLAY button to launch the game.
  • Step 4: Ensure that you have funds in your account and adjust your bet size.
  • Step 5: Place your bet and wait for the outcome to see if you’re a winner.

As always, players are reminded to play responsibly and stick to their gaming budgets. Jackpot City Ontario supports responsible gaming by providing a number of interventions, such as deposit limits and take-a-break options.

More Game Control Options

buttons, icons and features that make it easy and fun to play. These include…

  • Chip Selector – used to select the chip size value to determine your bet size.
  • Rebet Button – allows you to rebet your previous active bet.
  • Double Button – lets you double your active bet.
  • Undo Button – makes it possible for you to cancel your last bet.
  • Clear Button – clears your active bets that are on the board.
  • Autoplay Button – shows the available Autoplay options.
  • Autoplay Stop Button – lets you end the Autoplay session.
  • Racetrack – allows you to switch from the standard bet board to racetrack display.
  • Bet Board – allows you to switch from the racetrack to standard bet board display.
  • Special Bets – lets you access the selection of options available.
  • Statistics – this shows info about your last active 100 spins.
  • Help Button – gives you A-Z info and rules on Real™ Auto Roulette.
  • Menu Button – allows access to Settings, Transaction & Game History, Banking and the Paytable
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A Secure Auto Roulette Casino

Real™ Auto Roulette from Real Dealer Studios invites players at Jackpot City Casino in Ontario, to experience a unique take on automated table gameplay. This innovative auto roulette online variant seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with traditional casino settings. In essence, it’s an RNG product that’s seamlessly constructed from high quality video recordings, cutting-edge motion graphics and visually crafted CG elements, supported by a pulsating, easy-listening soundtrack that transports players into a futuristic realm.  

The accessibility of Real™ Auto Roulette at Jackpot City extends beyond the confines of traditional desktop gaming. With the option to play directly in a web browser, the platform accommodates desktop and mobile users with a seamless and flexible experience. Furthermore, the mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, makes it instantly accessible without compromising on quality. In fact, it’s the first RNG roulette title that’s capable of full-screen video display in portrait mode on mobile. That, along with quick loading times, and fluid graphics, translates into a first-class auto roulette experience.

Whether players are looking for auto roulette classic or live dealer roulette titles, they’ll find an impressive selection to choose from at Jackpot City in Ontario. These include uniquely themed options like the leprechaun-inspired 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette. Traditional or live, European or American roulette, simplified or feature-filled, there’s a roulette title to suit every roulette player preference. And that’s just one gaming genre players get to explore in the casino’s line-up. Jackpot City also boasts an impressive range of blackjack titles, video poker options and of course slots, including sought-after progressives.

Real™ Auto Roulette Game Guide

Modern interface using cutting edge graphics!

One of our top-rated games! We give it a 4,5 out of 5.

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