JackpotCity’s Loyalty Programme

The idea of rewarding players or patrons for their loyalty is not a new one, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an online casino that doesn’t offer some or other sort of plan for giving its members something back. At JackpotCity, we’ve got the rewards down to an art, with our fully-kitted rewards programme, which sees points being earned every time a player places and plays a cash wager at the casino. With enough of these points earned, you can exchange them for bonus credits, as well as advance the various levels of the programme, starting at Bronze and going all the way up to the prestigious Privé!

How Does it Work?

Getting the hang of the Loyalty Programme at JackpotCity is simple and seamless, and to make the most of it, all you have to do is wager and play as you normally would. As you do, you’ll find yourself being rewarded for your cash wagers by means of loyalty points, which you can exchange for more casino credits. Plus, you’ll unlock unique rewards and perks as you pass the numerous loyalty levels. Our customer care team will be able to answer any questions you may have, but below is a quick overview:

  • Welcome Boost: Get 2500 loyalty points on your 1st deposit, instantly
  • Loyalty Points: Earn loyalty points for cash wagers on various casino games
  • Bonus Credits: Redeem loyalty points for bonus credits when you have enough
  • Level Bonuses: Get extra loyalty points each time you level up
  • Loyalty Specials: Enjoy unique specials on carefully selected titles each month
  • Level-Ups: Climb the various levels to reach Privé, the sought-after, invite-only tier


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