Introducing Must Win Jackpots

Looking for a way to spice up the gameplay on some of your favourite slot titles? Jackpot City is proud to announce a new and entertaining addition to its online casino offering to players - Must Win Jackpots.


What is Must Win Jackpots?

Jackpot City has given a serious upgrade to 40 slot games so far with a progressive jackpot element. You can find this interesting feature on recognisable titles such as 9 Masks of Fire™, Coin Bash, Fire Forge, Immortal Romance, and Assassin Moon™. This brings a whole new thrilling element to the table when playing games that you may already be familiar with. It’s good old slot game fun, but with an added jackpot punch.

A Must Win Jackpot needs to be won either daily and/or once a certain amount has been reached - depending on the jackpot. Must Win Jackpot games have two jackpots that can be won: the Daily and the Rapid. Join us as we take a deeper look into how this fun feature works and where to find it on the site.

How it works

It’s simple enough – a progressive jackpot is seeded (starts off) at a predetermined amount and grows each time a player wagers. A percentage of that wager is added to the jackpot, meaning that it continues to grow as people play. Once the prize has been won, the jackpot resets to the original amount and the fun starts all over again. Traditional jackpot games offer one prize pool – Must Win Jackpot games have two separate jackpots that players can potentially win. We’ll go into more detail on these a little later below.

If you’d like to check what the prize pools are sitting at, the amount the jackpots are on will be displayed in-game while you are playing, in CAD. Another neat feature is the countdown timer which indicates when the Daily Jackpot will pay out. The Rapid Jackpot has an indicator of the amount the jackpot will pay out before, rather than the time.

Jackpot City Online Casino has added this feature to 40 games so far, giving players a wide selection to choose from that will include fan favourites as well as new titles to try out. To find the Must Win Jackpot games simply log in, navigate to the Jackpots tab, and look for the lightning bolt symbol in the top left-hand corner of the game icon.

Bear in mind that Must Win Jackpots are only available for real-money play and are on a selected group of 40 slot games so far. This feature is compatible on both desktop and mobile devices (on both Android and iOS), so you’re able to play from whichever device is most convenient for you.

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Daily Jackpot

The first jackpot you will see when opening any game with the feature is the Daily Jackpot. The Daily Jackpot starts off at a decent €200 and has no maximum win amount – that is, there is no prescribed cap. It is awarded randomly once per day. You can take a look at the jackpot meter on the left-hand side of the game to check when the jackpot will pay out as there is a convenient countdown timer.

Rapid Jackpot

Starting off at €50, the Rapid Jackpot is randomly awarded before it reaches €250, as indicated in the ribbon section. This means that it can be won multiple times a day, allowing you more opportunity to potentially score that prize. The amount that the jackpots are currently on will be displayed in-game in CAD.

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A word on Responsible Gaming

Jackpot City Online Casino is committed to providing a safe, secure, and responsible environment for its players in Canada and around the globe. Offering tools such as deposit and loss limits, take a break periods and access to transaction and gaming history, the site is set up to encourage players to gamble within their means, and as a form of entertainment only. If you would like any more information on the casino’s Responsible Gaming measures and tools, simply select the Responsible Gaming icon on the site page.

To sum up

The Must Win Jackpot feature is a fantastic addition to the catalogue at Jackpot City. Allowing you access to not one, but two major jackpot prize pools that pay out at different times, it ramps up the entertainment factor in any game. The Daily Jackpot is won once a day whilst the Rapid Jackpot can end up paying out multiple times per day. The site has added and continues to add the fun feature to their popular titles, so you can be sure to find something you recognise… or perhaps even find a new favourite.

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